Virtual Assistant Daily Objectives Report

Daily Production Report

Daily Production Report

Email Management

All of Christine's email received before 12:45 EST are on the Email Management Board. *
All of your emails received before 12:45 EST have been responsed to or addressed. *

Support Tickets

All Support Tickets received before 12:30 EST have been addressed. *
This is the number of new tickets you assigned to yourself today.
This is the number of new tickets you assigned to Christine today.

Design Projects

Design project follow-ups complete. *
"Open" design projects include all projects that are for SmileMore clients and have not been ordered at Printograph. If ordered today, please list the project and indicate it has been ordered.

Trello Cards

All Trello cards in "DONE" on managed boards have been reviewed and moved to "Approved" if appropriate. *
All Trello cards assigned to Christine or you have been reviewed and responded to. *
All Trello cards that need Christine's input have been posted for her in Skype. *

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance follow-up complete if needed. *

Daily and Weekly Objectives

Specific Day Objectives
Weekly Objectives

Open Projects

Design projects should not be listed here.
"Open" projects include all assigned projects, even if complete, that have not been approved by Christine

Time Permitting Activities


Preparation for Next Workday

This is a list of everything you would like Christine to do for you or complete before you start to work the next day.
This includes any item you need help with or anything new that you would like to learn. It also can be any questions you have.

End of Day Summary

How would you rate today's work? *

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